With NodajiFi, You Solve, You Learn, You Earn, and You Trade.

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NodajiFi = Nodaji + Financing

where Curiosity Meets Financial Freedom

Welcome to NodajiFi, a groundbreaking platform where the fusion of AI, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency creates a new paradigm in digital engagement and economic empowerment. Here, the act of problem-solving and trading evolves from a cognitive exercise to a pathway for financial growth and independence.

What does "Nodaji (노다지)" mean?

The etymology of Nodajl comes from the end of the Joseon Dynasty around the year 1900, in Unsan, Pyongan-do, which is currently in North Korea, where the United States held a lease on the gold mines from Joseon and operated it. There exists a story that an American manager warned Korean miners away from the discovered gold ore by yelling out “Don’t touch” or “No touch”, and the word “No Touch” was mistakenly understood as “No Daji (노다지),” and they thought it as gold in English. Since then, the word Nodaji has been used as a vein of gold or a bonanza in Korea.

Unsan Miners

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Unsan Gold Mines

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We’re tapping into the ancient essence of Nodaji, an epoch where the quest for knowledge and answers was as exhilarating as discovering gold. Leveraging Generative AI like ChatGPT or GEMINI as our modern-day tool, we transition from the shovels of yesteryears to cutting-edge technology. This allows us to explore further into the vast territories of wisdom and self-evolution. For an in-depth historical context on Nodaji, refer to Arirang TV’s History Trivia (EP.25) Nodaji (노다지).

Tackling the Global Financial Divide

A July 2022 report by the World Bank highlights a critical issue: around 1.4 billion adults globally are excluded from banking services. This group, predominantly comprising women, the less educated, and those in economically disadvantaged regions, particularly rural areas, is often marginalized in the digital economy. This challenge extends beyond cryptocurrency access, encompassing traditional banking hurdles such as high transaction fees and slow transfer processes.

Empowering Learning with AI 

Harness the potential of our advanced personal AI Tutor, designed to guide users through a tailored learning journey. Whether you’re starting from scratch or advancing existing skills, the NodajiFi ensures a personalized and rewarding educational experience.

Earning Simplified: Embrace Challenges with NodajiFi 

Embrace challenges and convert them into lucrative opportunities. With our innovative NodajiFi model, you’re liberated from the constraints of conventional banking and currency exchange. Participate in a variety of challenges, accumulate “NGem”, and seamlessly exchange them for NUSD tokens. These tokens, secured and made transparent by blockchain technology, empower you to conduct peer-to-peer transactions, purchase goods or services, or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, all within the NodajiFi ecosystem.

A Vibrant Community of Solvers

NodajiFi is more than just a platform; it’s a vibrant, global community of problem solvers. Here, every member, regardless of their background, has an equal opportunity for success. Join us to learn, solve, and contribute to a community that champions growth, curiosity, and inclusivity.

Pioneering the SocialFi and NodajiFi 

NodajiFi is at the vanguard of the SocialFi revolution, merging social interaction with financial opportunities. Our unique Solve-and-Earn-and-Trade Tokenomy model exemplifies this vision, transforming your skills and knowledge into tangible cryptocurrency rewards.

Join the NodajiFi Movement 

Ready to join a future where curiosity leads to both knowledge and financial empowerment? Step into the world of NodajiFi today and be at the forefront of the SocialFi wave.



Self-Learning & Self-Study: Navigating the Future of Education


Pandemic Experiences

Pandemic Experiences

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were required to study or work from home in compliance with government mandates. This experience has demonstrated that it’s now feasible to pursue education remotely, without the need to physically attend schools.

Internet and Smartphone Accessibility

Internet and Smartphone Accessibility

The widespread availability of Internet services and smartphones has been instrumental in making remote learning possible, allowing education to be accessible from virtually anywhere.

Integration of AI as a Personal Tutor

Integration of AI as a Personal Tutor

If AI technology is widely adopted as a personal tutor, it could significantly shape the future of learning, offering personalized and accessible education tailored to individual needs.

Learning through Solving

“Learning through Solving” is a meaningful and effective educational approach. This concept aligns with experiential learning theories, which emphasize learning through direct experience, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Active Engagement

Learning through solving problems requires active participation, which can lead to deeper understanding and retention of information. It’s a more engaging method than passive learning, like simply listening to lectures or reading textbooks.

Real-World Application

This approach often involves tackling real-world problems, which helps learners understand the practical application of their knowledge and skills. It bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

Development of Critical Thinking

Solving problems requires critical thinking and decision-making skills. This approach helps learners develop these essential skills, which are valuable in both academic and professional settings.

Encourages Creativity and Innovation

When learners are tasked with solving problems, they’re often required to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions. This fosters creativity and innovation.

Personalized Learning Experience

Problem-solving can often be tailored to the interests and abilities of the learner, making the learning experience more relevant and personalized.

Prepares for Future Challenges

By focusing on problem-solving, learners are better prepared to face future challenges in their academic and professional lives. It teaches adaptability and resilience.

Boosting Self-Learning: The Power of Rewards and Incentives

Global Usability

Global Usability

The rewards system in our platform is designed to be universally accessible, enabling learners from all corners of the globe to participate and benefit. This global approach ensures that regardless of location, users can earn and utilize rewards seamlessly.

Real Money Equivalence

Real Money Equivalence

Our rewards are not just points or digital tokens with abstract value; they are designed to function like real money. This means users can use their rewards to purchase goods and services, both within and outside our platform, without the need for traditional banking or currency exchange processes.

Stable Value

Stable Value

Stability is key in our rewards system. Unlike many digital currencies that suffer from high volatility, our rewards maintain a stable value. This ensures that users can rely on the rewards they earn today to hold the same value tomorrow, making the system fair and predictable.

Using Cryptocurrency as a Reward System

Using the Conventional Cryptocurrencies?

Limited Financial Inclusion

Limited Financial Inclusion

In many underdeveloped regions, a large segment of the population remains outside the traditional banking system. While cryptocurrencies have the potential to bridge this gap, their current implementation often fails to address the needs of the unbanked. The lack of easy access and user-friendly platforms hinders their ability to participate in the digital economy.

Predominant Focus on Asset Trading

Predominant Focus on Asset Trading

The majority of cryptocurrency activity today revolves around trading on exchanges, treating these digital assets more like stocks or commodities than currencies. This speculative nature overshadows their potential as practical, everyday mediums of exchange, limiting their broader adoption and utility in daily transactions.

Deviation from Original Vision

Deviation from Original Vision

Cryptocurrencies were initially envisioned as decentralized, peer-to-peer forms of money, as outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, this vision has been largely overshadowed by their role as tradable assets. The focus on trading and investment has diverted attention from their potential as functional, accessible currencies for the general public.

Beyond the Current Cryptocurrencies

Beyond Asset Trading: Real-World Currency Use

Beyond Asset Trading: Real-World Currency Use

  • Speculative Trading Focus: Shifts the emphasis from trading as assets to practical currency use.
  • Peer-to-Peer Transactions: Promotes direct transactions between individuals.
  • Decentralization: Aligns with the decentralized ethos of cryptocurrencies.
  • Everyday Usability: Enhances the practicality of cryptocurrencies for daily transactions.
  • Vision Alignment: Upholds Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of cryptocurrencies as electronic cash systems.
Introducing 1:1 Collateral Stable Token

Introducing 1:1 Collateral Stable Token

  • Stability: Provides a stable token system, backed by a 1:1 collateral.
  • Platform-Exclusive Trading: Keeps token exchange within the platform, avoiding external exchanges.
  • Reduced Dependency on Banks: Lessens reliance on traditional banking for currency exchange.
  • Transaction Efficiency: Ensures fast transactions within 3-5 seconds.
  • Economical Transactions: Offers extremely low transaction fees, enhancing affordability.
Empowering the Unbanked

Empowering the Unbanked

  • Lack of Banking Access: Addresses limited banking services in underdeveloped regions.
  • Financial Inclusion: Offers a pathway for unbanked individuals to participate in the global economy.
  • Direct Transactions: Eliminates the need for traditional banking intermediaries.
  • Ease of Use: Simplifies financial transactions for those without banking access.
  • Community Empowerment: Strengthens local economies by enabling wider participation in financial activities.

Tri-Token Architecture

Internal Reward Token (NGEM)

Internal Reward Token (NGEM)

Value and Utility:

NodajiFiGems, each valued at US 5 cents, are awarded for solving problems on the platform. They serve as instant rewards, motivating user participation and contribution.

Conversion to NUSD:

Users can convert their accumulated NGEMs into NUSD tokens, linking immediate rewards with a stable, long-term value store.

Encouraging Participation:

NGEMs act as an accessible incentive for platform engagement, providing a clear and tangible reward for users.

Stable token (NODAJI$)

Stable token (NODAJI$)

Real-World Application:

NUSD’s stability makes it ideal for everyday transactions, effectively linking digital and traditional finance. It serves as a practical digital currency for various applications.

Stability and Resilience:

NUSD is backed by a mix of fiat currencies and precious metals, providing stability and resilience against market fluctuations. This diverse asset backing ensures NUSD’s reliability in the volatile crypto market.

Financial Backing and Supply Management:

Funds from native token sales support NUSD, with a portion banked for security. NUSD’s supply is dynamically managed, based on NodajiFi’s policies and cash reserves, ensuring each token is asset-backed and supply growth is controlled and balanced.

Native token (NODAJI)

Native token (NODAJI)

Growth and Governance:

NDJ, as the native token, is pivotal in the platform’s governance and growth. It symbolizes ownership in the platform’s future and grants holders voting rights in key decisions.

Incentivization and Rewards:

NDJ tokens are utilized to motivate content creation, problem-solving, and active community participation, ensuring user interests are aligned with the platform’s long-term prosperity.

With NodajiFi, You Solve, You Learn, You Earn, and You Trade



  1. Solving Problems
  2. Challenging forecasting problems
  3. Using ChatGPT or GEMINI as your problem-solving personal tutor
  4. Earn NodajiFi Gem tokens as rewards with US 5 cents
  5. Converting NGem tokens into NODAJI$ or NDJ tokens
  6. Remitting NODAJI$ or NDJ tokens at just $0.001 within 3-5 seconds
  7. Exchanging other crypto coins (ALGO or HBAR) with NODAJI$ or NDJ tokens
  8. Using NODAJI$ tokens for trading products and services
  9. Secure your flight travel with a safety service, BonVoyage
  10. Exchanging NODAJI$ tokens with fiat currencies
  11. Expanding trading horizons into Peer-to-peer marketplace
  12. Second-hand goods trading
  13. Barter with Nodaji$ tokens
  14. Micro-credit services
A Sea of Problems

A Sea of Problems

  • We will craft a vast ocean of challenges, ranging from simple trivia to intricate puzzles, all carefully curated and managed. Immerse yourself in this sea of knowledge to learn and earn.
  • Engage in problem-solving activities and receive rewards for your dedication and skills.
  • Utilize your NODAJI$ tokens to buy goods or transfer them to others with a nominal fee of just $0.001, ensuring swift transactions within 3-5 seconds.
  • Take an active role in our DAO, influencing the management of NODAJI Tokenomics akin to participating in a shareholder’s meeting. Enjoy additional benefits with NDJ tokens.
  • Our overarching mission is to combat illiteracy in developing nations and support those on the brink of survival. Through activities like solving, learning, earning, and trading within the NodajiFi Tokenomy, we strive to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Operating on top-tier blockchains

Our NodajiFi app/dapp makes it easy for anyone to earn nodaji$ and nodaji tokens in a blockchain, send and receive it as an alternative to payments with a mobile phone. To meet our requirements, we prudently choose top class blockchains called Algorand and Hedera based on transaction speeds, security, finality, scalability, small carbon footprint, etc. 

To hedge against unexpected risks, our NODAJI$ (NUSD) and NODAJI (NDJ) tokens are minted on these blockchains. If one blockchain is shut down, then we can pay back the tokens with another token with the same value on another blockchain.


Algorand designed by Silvio Micali who is the recipient of the Turing Award (in computer science) and MIT professor is a blockchainbased platform that enables users to securely transfer and store value, build applications, and manage digital assets.

Algorand is designed to be secure and highly scalable, with a consensus protocol that is fast and efficient enough to support the global financial system. The platform is built on a permissionless, fully decentralized, and secure blockchain that enables users to easily create, transfer and manage digital assets. Algorand also features a ProofofStake consensus mechanism, allowing users to earn rewards for their participation in the network.

Initially, we implemented a NODAJIFI tokenomy based on an Algorand Blockchain, and will develop the same tokenomy on a basis of Hedera.


Hedera is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform that enables anyone to build secure and fair applications that can be used by millions of users. It provides a secure, fast, and fair infrastructure for developers to create the next generation of decentralized applications.

Hedera is powered by a public and permissionless decentralized ledger and consensus service, allowing anyone to develop and deploy code that interacts with the ledger in a secure and trusted manner.


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Experience the NodajiFi app/dapp/webapp, merging decentralized web3 technology with a peer-to-peer payment platform for seamless saving, purchasing, and payment transactions. Slated for release in 2024, our fully developed app will be accessible on the Apple Store and Google Play, and also as a Progressive Web App (PWA) compatible with both desktop and smartphone web browsers. Transform the way you interact with finance – embrace NODAJIFI

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The Team

Our team is a blend of innovative minds and collaborative spirits. Their dedication to mutual goals ensures our projects are not just visionary but also achievable.

Myongsu CHOE
Myongsu CHOE CEO/Founder/Ph.D.
Jay Jeong
Jay Jeong CFO
Andre Doria
Andre Doria Project Evangelist
Generative AI
Generative AI Digital Personal Assistant
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